News from Ghana – Trip number 10: “WE ARE NOT TOO YOUNG TO MAKE IT BIG” is the motto of Samuel’s shirt and a good motto for this post. As you know from many previous posts, we support the 35 children and young people, whom we have known for 9 years and who live permanently in the project, in their complete education. This has already worked great with the oldest,Desmond,Felicity and Racheal,and now it’s the turn of the new cohort:Benjamin,Elijah,Jessica and Samuel have recently graduated from senior high school.Before we went to the market with the four of them in Agona Swedru today to buy some basic things (food,malaria medicine,shoes etc.) for the project,we sat down with them last night to talk about their future. Lo and behold, all four of them want to study and have what it takes!
Of course we want to support this, also because studying in Ghana is incredibly expensive. With your support we can do it! Tomorrow there will be news about the construction site of the ICT Center and the library.

A day at the market with the older kidsA day at the market with the older kidsA day at the market with the older kids