We have great news! For a long time we have been looking for funding for a new, larger school bus. Because our old school bus is now much too small and much too unsafe to transport our now almost 300 school children. Due to the limited space in the bus, we could not ensure that really all children who want to can attend our school and thus receive a good education in the sense of Sustainable Goal (SDG) 4. This had been a thorn in our side for a long time, but a large school bus is extremely expensive. We were all the more pleased when we received a positive response to the funding application we submitted some time ago to BILD e.V. – Ein Herz für Kinder! For us, for the Home for Hope Preparatory School, the headmaster and the 20 teachers this is really great news. Do you remember Kofi, the school child from our comic? With the new school bus, we’ve taken away one of the three hurdles keeping him from going to school. Together with the hospital wing we started building this year with the help of the Helping People Foundation and the Charity Circle, we have already overcome two of the three hurdles for Kofi in 2023 alone. We are incredibly proud of our project work this year!