For 10 years we have been working with and for Home for Hope – Carolin and Larissa as operational board directors have always been working voluntarily in Germany, the team of now 20 employees in Ghana work full-time. Most of the time everything works out fine, but then there are sometimes hick ups, problems, and things you don’t really want to deal with. Then everyone needs a little more motivation than usual, and that comes from: Fun together! Both Carolin and Larissa, as well as the team in Ghana know each other for so long, and laughing together works from day one. And also in the project, in the work with the children and young people, we like to grin and giggle. It is important for us as a project across two continents and cultures to show you the normality in a project in a small village in West Africa. Even if the infrastructural circumstances there show a lot of need for improvement for the population, and we as a project play a leading role in improving the educational infrastructure, there are positive emotions and joy, like everywhere in the world 🤝🏾☀️🌍 #ngo #Ghana #sdg4 #education