We have great news! Again and again we have the luck to get whole projects within our project financed by so-called donors. For us as a small foundation, for which every euro of donation money was won with a lot of work and heart and soul, besides our full-time jobs, this is incredibly helpful for a fast and unproblematic implementation of our plans in Ghana. In 2022, for example, we were able to build our ICT Center without any problems; here we had the complete support of Bild e.V. Ein Herz für Kinder. For our latest plan, the construction of a sick ward for our Home for Hope Preparatory School (we have already reported about this idea in the 2022 newsletter, feel free to read up on it if needed), we have incredibly great and committed partners at our side with the Charity Circle as financier and The Helping People Foundation as intermediary. We appreciate their trust in us and our work and are very excited about the successful construction of the sick ward! Check out our latest Insta-Story in the “Plans 2023” highlight for an updated video on the construction progress as of today.
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The sick ward is being built - with the support of great partners!