As you probably know, our work is completely based on donations and private and governmental funding. What you may not have known is how much we have received in donations each year. Since transparent communication with you about your donations is very important to us, we have listed the donations received since 2014. We are so proud of these sums, as we were able to generate them through a lot of work besides our studies and now full-time jobs. Since we are a non-profit foundation, we have to prove that every single Euro has been used for non-profit purposes. You can read about this in the latest annual report on our homepage – making it available online is another means of ensuring the highest level of transparency for us. As always, we thank you for your support and hope that the green bars will remain as high in the coming years! 💪🏾🤝🏾 #Ghana #NGO #Donations

Where do we take our money from?