10 years ago today, our Home for Hope Foundation was officially formed – a huge milestone for us at the time! We had already been building up the project in Gomoa Tarkwa for almost two years, but being officially registered and having a proper legal form lifted our work into new spheres. And now, 10 years later, we have raised almost €430,000 in donations and built up a huge education project in rural Ghana – and we are still the core team from “back then”! 🤝🏽Was we have managed financially over the last 10 years, we show you on the second slide – we thank you so much for your many donations, which make this volume possible in the first place! And we promise you that every euro has benefited the project and will continue to do so. 💵
So that you know exactly what we are doing in Ghana, we have completed our 2023 newsletter (available in German and English) just in time for the anniversary – read about news and successes, goals and plans, income and expenditure and a few words from our hearts to you. 📰 Thanks to the university in Künzelsau for the great ideas for redesigning our newsletter! You can download it as a PDF here on our homepage:

Newsletter 2023 Englisch final_komplett

We thank you for the last 10 years, look forward to the next 10 with you, and celebrate now!