Just in time and as a prelude to Ghana’s Independence Day tomorrow, March 6, we want to address an extremely important topic for us: Our neocolonial responsibility in the project. We do not want to create any neocolonial dependency structures and thus bring the project and our local staff into new dependency structures on a country of the global north. Because in our opinion this is not a form of development cooperation on a real eye level, but an outdated approach that has no place in today’s globalized world. This undertaking is not easy for us, because we are a project that finances its work in Ghana almost exclusively through German donations and grants. Nevertheless, we have found three ways to avoid neo-colonial structures in our country – but we also know that we are still at the beginning here and have a lot to learn and catch up. But we are trying our best! Check out our latest post for more info:

Inependence Day in Ghana and how we strive for real independence

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