Health is an extremely important aspect in our project in Ghana. After all, only if the children and young people are healthy can they learn and thus achieve a good education, as envisaged by the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG4), which is the most important one for us. Sounds logical, but for healthy children and adolescents many infrastructural conditions have to be met, e.g. sufficient health care, which we are fortunately able to implement with the support of the Charity Circle and The Helping People Foundation in the form of the new sick wing at our project (you know it already). But against the disease that endangers most people in Ghana, we can also only act to a limited extent: Malaria. So it is incredible news that the first malaria vaccines are being distributed in Ghana! We are so happy that this disease, which kills a child every day, can finally be contained. 💪🏾 The Deutsche Welle has summarized this development in an article: