Since we have a really good internet connection in Gomoa Tarkwa this year, we can even report with a contribution here directly from the project. Since 19.10.22 we are here and on 29.10.22 we are going back. We went back to Ghana with a lot of ideas, tasks and plans, and a lot of things we could already implement successfully. Here you can find some excerpts, and related photos, but we will report in detail as usual in our newsletter, which we will create as soon as possible after our trip.

  • We already had some meetings with our project manager, John. We also had a meeting with the teachers of our school and the principal. It was also important to talk to each of our young people, some of whom have already graduated from school and some of whom are already in training: How do you find a job? What does it cost to go to university? At what point does it make sense to start your own business? We always make any future plan of our young people possible, if it makes sense. Read more in the newsletter!
  • We had some market days where we bought a lot of food, hygiene items and medicine. All much needed, especially since Ghana is in the midst of severe inflation right now, and prices have skyrocketed so much.
  • We have equipped the ICT Center with 10 computers and the library with a good number of books.

News from Ghana: It is going well! News from Ghana: It is going well! News from Ghana: It is going well! News from Ghana: It is going well!