Of course, the corona pandemic is also a major issue in Ghana. Among other things, the Ghanaian government, similar to Germany, has restricted social contacts in recent weeks. This naturally also affects the school system. First of all: Everyone in the project is doing well, there were no registered corona cases in the village of Gomoa Tarawa. Nevertheless, now we too, especially the children who live permanently in the project, have to follow stricter hygiene regulations. The project also has Corona emergency plans in case our local project director, John, or one of the children gets infected. The biggest noticeable effect, however, is the ongoing closure of all schools in the country, including our Home for Hope Preparatory School. It is not clear when our school will be able to reopen, but the lessons will be broadcast on television until further notice. Nevertheless, we continue to pay our teachers during this break in order to provide them and their families with a secure income – we see ourselves in the project as one big family that does not let each other down, and we are sure that our teachers will identify themselves even more with their work in the project in the future. We will keep you up to date!